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Spearheading innovation in high-growth industries


Empowering businesses and communities through scalable solutions that enhance connectivity, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

Global Technologies Limited is a multi-operational company that spearheads innovation in high-growth industries, focusing on transformative technology and services 



Innovation and Sustainable Growth for a Connected Future

To drive transformative innovation and sustainable growth across the technology and service sectors, empowering businesses and communities through advanced, scalable solutions that enhance connectivity, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.


Leading with Innovation and Commitment to Sustainability

With a diverse portfolio that includes 10 Fold Services and GOe3, Global Technologies is at the forefront of the health and wellness and electric vehicle (EV) sectors, respectively. Our strategy revolves around harnessing cutting-edge technology and robust business models to revolutionize these industries, driving sustainable growth and delivering substantial value to our customers, partners, and shareholders.


Pioneering innovation and sustainable growth

Global Technologies Limited envisions a future where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of life, improving the quality of living and the health of the planet. Our vision is to lead the industries we serve with groundbreaking initiatives that set new standards in innovation, customer experience, and corporate responsibility, thereby creating enduring value for all stakeholders.


How Our Subsidiaries Are Shaping the Future of Health Tech and EV Infrastructure

Through 10 Fold Services, Global Technologies leverages an automation-first approach to provide strategic consulting and procurement services, specializing in go-to-market strategies that empower companies in the health and wellness industry to maximize their market impact efficiently. Meanwhile, GOe3 is pioneering the development of a comprehensive network of universal, solar-enhanced EV charging stations across the United States, reducing range anxiety and promoting the adoption of electric vehicles through innovative infrastructure and media strategies. Each subsidiary is aligned with our mission to provide scalable and sustainable solutions that meet the emerging needs of global markets.

Building a Greener and More Ethical Future

In all of our endeavors, Global Technologies Limited maintains a deep commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. We integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions and strive to minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing social impact. By promoting technologies and solutions that are both innovative and environmentally friendly, we aim to contribute positively to global sustainability efforts, enhance community well-being, and support the transition towards a more sustainable and interconnected world.

Charting the Path to Innovation and Success

Looking to the future, Global Technologies Limited is committed to expanding its influence and operational scope by entering new markets and developing additional groundbreaking products and services. Our goal is to foster an ecosystem of innovation that not only leads in existing markets but also sets the foundation for future ventures in other high-potential sectors. We aim to continuously improve our offerings, ensuring they evolve with technological advancements and market demands, thereby maintaining our leadership and competitive edge.

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