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A Consumer Markets Company Pioneering Emerging Technology Solutions for Businesses

Focused on delivering consistent shareholder value through leading-edge technology.

Company Overview

Global Technologies Limited is dedicated to driving transformative innovation and sustainable growth across high-growth technology sectors. With a strategic focus on health and wellness through 10 Fold Services and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure via GOe3, the company leverages cutting-edge technologies and robust business models to revolutionize these industries. 10 Fold Services provides strategic consulting, lead generation, and call center management to enhance operational efficiency and market impact for health and wellness companies. GOe3, on the other hand, is pioneering a nationwide network of universal, solar-enhanced EV charging stations and utilizing innovative media strategies to promote EV adoption. Together, these subsidiaries embody Global Technologies' mission to empower businesses and communities through advanced, scalable solutions that enhance connectivity, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

Corporate Presentation

Download our most recent corporate presentation for insights into our innovative technologies and market strategies. Learn about our progress and future directions.

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